American host purchase error of cost effective Godaddy host

I believe we all already know, Godaddy is now not only to sell the domain name, still sell the host, and many have to buy American host friends have to host GD as a waiting list, have to say, GD in Chinese propaganda is indeed well.

so why is GD so popular that many of the top US providers focused on hosting services are not GD’s competitors?. To put it plainly, GD is cheaper.

Godaddy reviews data analysis

( combined with host comment on users of Godaddy host comment data and we see, it is not difficult to find anyone in the comment GD hosts are not forget to say "the price is cheaper." OK, it looks like we really think GD is cheap.

The following is our comments on

GD host host from comments online excerpt:


we selected the host reviews, online reviews, GD host three comments, three friends at the same time in their comments mentioned, "the price is not expensive."".

, let’s see again. Comment number one is: is it OK? Comment No. two says: "it’s pretty good (it doesn’t seem like a big promise). Comment No. three says:" performance is general (straight forward). ".

submitted these three comments are friends of GD users, but also to share their own use of feelings.

so, there are some little knowledge of language friends can read it a few friends for the host GD is not very satisfactory, but why finally recommended? The reason is simple: because it is cheap.

, GoDaddy, and other U.S. hosts compare prices by

is the GD host really cheap then? Is there a big difference in price from other top tier virtual machines in the United States?


, as we all know, GD is a domain name provider, not a pure host service provider. In the field of hosting, it is obviously inferior to BlueHost and some other well-known American host service providers. Is the price of BlueHost ridiculously high?

well, let’s first take a look at the basic configuration and price of the so-called "cheap" GD host products in our eyes, and we’ll calculate it in the next two years.


we can see that the first two prices with space restrictions are: $5.39 a month and $6.29 a month.

then, through the special offer link offered by the host comment network, the product price of GD >

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