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wins women and wins traffic.


Tencent (Francisco cryoconite) February 22nd Beijing time news according to foreign media reports, the latest comScore data shows that the network version of the site flow growth rate of the British "Daily Mail" as high as 27%, which makes it fully deserve to become the world’s second largest media English. A network media why so many Internet addiction, the U.S. technology blog author Kelsey · Campbell Duolaha (Kelsey Campbell-Dollaghan) gives her analysis.

below is the full text of the article:

every day when I go to work, I allow myself to go online a few times to relax. Tumblr and Gawke appeal to me like candy to a child.

has a website that I never miss. That’s the daily mail online version of Mail Online. The online edition of the British tabloid is filled with reports of star scandal and immoral news. Of course, the media attracted more than me. Currently, Mail Online has surpassed New York Times, the guardian and other online media in terms of independent access to users. Last year’s revenues reached $40 million, an increase of 500% over 2008. I often think about such powerful magic for such a site that is neither very beautiful nor famous for its in-depth reporting. Some analysts point out that Mail Online has broken any textbook on the principles of web design. However, the flow of the site also shows that such design is not without reason.

What is the reason for

to let us log in again and again to see the message? This question has been partially answered this week. The British Design Alliance Brand42, the Mail Online design organization, won the British Design Award "design effectiveness Award", which was awarded to those highly successful design works. By engaging with the designers, I was excited to learn about the success of the design, with four of the most basic success factors as follows:

the longer the home, the better, never allow ads appear

Brand42 first introduces the traditional website design, the prominent position and the non significant position processing, as well as many news websites take the design pattern. They say Mail Online has a long home page and even needs to scroll down for a long time to see all of it. The design patterns adopted here are as many as possible, that is, placing as much content on the front page as possible. Another unusual move for Brand42 is to remove all ads on the home page and double ads on other pages of the site.

is like an endless maze,


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