A non mainstream personal webmaster do station experience

  I understand the simple HTML language, do stand N, good point every day 1000IP, rotten points have 500, at least 100. I do stand a lot of things are looking for someone to help, or take money to ask people to do, in the field of investment at least 3000, but what is the return? 30 knives. None of this is more expensive than the shoes I bought.

technology, I can not say anything, but in operation, I may be a little management, and we talk about, if not, ignore me, when I am an idiot. The number of sites outside the company is very important, the Baidu platoon in front of the station are hundreds of links,


1 do the station, locate the target,

I do not know exactly what is in the multi station ~ N! Look at the good prospects do this ~ see that good to give up this, now hand hair a few root! Do stand really hard, resources, m, pan, keep your head down, the most it is important to find the stand body super bad, was thin. Now 80 kg less than online to say ~ say, people really say I drug, I do not know is the entrance pressure, or do stand!!!


2 station must not be too professional

because you want to make money by standing, you need a lot of money, not a big one. When you do not pay back when you know, and some people say no, I believe it is right ~ but when you spend your pocket money to do, do not go out to play the money you know. A major needs money, and perfection requires money. If you know how to do garbage station, I would rather do a garbage station ~ I do the most perfect station, but in the end it is not perfect ~ pain! Every day update, you will be numb ~ so don’t be too professional ~ money to find someone to update, better!


3   domain name problem

this is my deepest feelings, everyone said to the domain name COM is king, I feel 100% correct. But there are many not believe the success of the COM, but eventually will change COM~! You don’t believe in the backward vote is actually nonsense ~ ~! Said the focus is just the domain name was to determine a good, very sure, best to think clearly, feel good always do so, in the case of money not so perfect! I think every day good meters, but after a few days to think it is a waste ~! In Chinese personally feel that either short or 5-6 double best spell. Look at BAIDU, TAOBAO, a lot.. It has been determined on ~ even JFKLSJFK (literally beat) as long as the advantages outweigh the disadvantages like! Thinking of trying to do the best with the theme to go ~ ~ Baidu K also don’t change, you said I was stupid, it is silly to K ~ I ~ I will not do it for a change.. Change to now, Mao did not ~ ha ha

4 patience (unprofessional, not impatient)

a lot of friends to K, or a lot of reasons, no heart to do, I have had ~ ~ many times ~ but each time not to do Baidu, give me a ranking first. Pain ~ ~ but still don’t want to do it!

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