Expose three universal nternet scams calling for trickery to be innovative

This is not the Guan Jian

innovation, successful webmaster without it there would be no way of life, the same webmaster hoodwinked by the big flicker means also needs innovation, individual must see to check, not much nonsense, get down.

1, part IDC personal agent Huyou

this kind of means is his agent IDC space, perhaps also the website or other business, these are not important, important is that their flicker procedures generally, through written text, or mixed forum, slowly cooked, deliberately close to the site tempted friends, or their fish bait, and then tell these friends can do how to make money, how to make money, or you can earn money, the fish caught them, and then buy their own space. As soon as successful, as for the deceived can earn money is not in the tube, or have a problem perfunctory.

features: contact with such people is generally through the forum or soft, early will be very warm, the wealth of networks said with confidence, they sell space in general 500 to 1000 yuan, 100 yuan of the space they do not see in the eyes, they boast on site can earn money in general between 1000 3000,

features: the victims between the ages of 18 to 26, the degree of culture in high school to college, have a preliminary understanding of the network of wealth, want to get involved in the try friend; which is 23 to 26 of this population is more serious, these people have no fixed income, want to rely on a network to build a career in general marry and settle down, or continue to marry and settle down, in the blind case by others to boost the temptation most easily.

‘s solution: watch your wallet and keep your head shut. The Internet can create wealth, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you.

2, soft text hype sell program

This is generally

flicker for speculation, through the soft surface bombing, nominally to share experiences, but in reality is a soft, to seduce those struggling to bait station but there is no suitable project friends, then sell their own procedures, make a good, so many. The final result is a successful big flicker, rich a big flicker, a piece of the website not to earn money because of a depressed and the new owners, the success rate is very high, because there are always want to be friends of the station to try.


is stupid fudge generally write their own how much money, have specific numbers, there are specific details, but the experience of the whole theory accounted for from 40% to 50%, and is generally know, their website money details or specific website operation experience about less, will refer to their own procedures, and we welcome the exchange, this is stupid fool, in fact this is teasing the new people at a glance, better than your own web site do not how good start >

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