f you have confidence There is a way out

I dare not say that I am a very successful webmaster, but I have confidence that I am an invincible super webmaster. I didn’t have a high IQ, and I had to do it several times after college math. When I was a child, I studied solid geometry and never passed it once. But I’m a hard worker. I can’t eat and drink for one thing for a few days (no exaggeration). I can hardly feel any physical pain (hunger and exhaustion) in doing what I am interested in. In college, I made a more successful website, is a city dating site. The UChome program is used. The site is growing so fast that in less than two years, the number of registered members has reached more than 60000.

                in the face of the expansion of the site, I have to recruit some part-time university students, let them help to maintain the site together. By the end of 2007, my team had reached more than 20 people. If it were not for family opposition, I could have gone to register a company. Because at that time, the website already has the profit of nearly ten thousand yuan every month. Maybe it’s a natural flaw in my personality. I’m not a very adventurous person. Later, the site was sold to a network company in Hangzhou for 300 thousand yuan.

After the

dating site to sell, my life suddenly lost vitality, after getting up every day do not know what to do in a constant state of anxiety. It seems that life has lost its sustenance. At this point, I found out that I should not sell the website, because this site has become a part of my life, I can not do without him. But there was no regret medicine to eat, and I was annoyed for a long time.

at this time, a Taobao selling female jewelry friends called me, I want to help him design online shop. Learned from the friend’s mouth, do this kind of shop is to make money, a piece of jewelry purchase price only a few dollars, but after packaging, can be sold to tens of dollars or even hundreds of yuan. He told me that he is now the store’s monthly turnover of about 20 thousand, gross profit of about 10 thousand and 5. I sigh endlessly.

that night, I thought a lot. Suddenly, an idea fell from the sky: why don’t I open a wholesale platform for women’s jewelry?. Taobao shopkeeper earn customers money, I earn the shopkeeper’s money, just like a food chain, learned biology people know, the top of the food chain, the accumulation of food more abundant. Translated into business concepts, that is, the upper reaches of the economic chain, the more profits will be obtained. I was so excited that I got up early in the morning on the second day, opened the computer and began to deploy my second station master plan. This time, I aim at the wholesale store for women’s accessories.

May 2008, wholesale stations on the line, named: crystal wholesale.

in the twinkling of an eye, more than a year has passed, and now the crystal wholesale network is already the leading site of women’s accessories in China

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