Do you really know the virtual host as a beginner 1

for beginners, especially busy beginners, choosing a virtual host is really a difficult task to accomplish. Through this study, you can not only learn a new host language and understand some new ideas, but also through research you can find which company is the most suitable for you. But we need to understand this fact, this is a complex task, only the complete investment period to understand the learning curve? The following is starting from the beginner’s perspective, on how to run as fast as possible easy website answer.

creates a web site

The first step of

for the virtual host is to consider the use of your web page, is used for commercial or purely entertainment? Are you going to build the site, is only used for personal homepage? Or share your thoughts with friends and fun place, or it will become the next Google or. The size and complexity of the site will help you determine which virtual hosts are what you need.

creates personal web site

if you want only personal pages, then you really don’t need a mainframe. Web2.0, from the content of the Internet king to the user is king. There are countless websites designed by users, such as: MySpace, Facebook, hi5,, Microsofe, Live, Spaces. Each site has its own features. For example, some websites are aimed at budget travellers and pedestrians, while other websites have their own target customers. But if your goal is to build a web site for yourself, then social networking might be good for you. Conversely, if you don’t find a social network that suits you, then you can start building your own web site,

in addition to social networks, there are also registered sites that are very convenient, allowing you to add text and pictures to your site. Both and are ideal websites for personal use, and if you need to control more, you may need to consider a free network hosting service.

Compared with paid hosts,

hosts earlier. Free hosting many (not all), or through the FTP browser allows you to upload files, provide free email account, MS FrontPage support, online web page editor, pre installed CGI system, and allows the site to accept advertising and other services. Of course, free hosting is free of charge in most cases, but it’s not free, and it depends on what people are willing to pay for it. As a result, there is a large number of nominally free network hosting. Many free hosts require your home page to display their ads.

because of free, so revenue has become a problem of free hosting. (although more and more masters >

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