How to let Baidu in the shortest possible time quickly included site

first: be sure to submit your application to Baidu when the site is complete. This point is very important. The content of the early stage of the website should be guaranteed to be 80% original, that is, remember not to copy the content that has been repeated thousands of times on the internet. Originality is not equivalent to originality. You can add a copy of the content you copied to make it close to originality. In general, you need to modify the text, the first 200 words, the title (title), the keyword (keywords) and the description (deion), but also the best to write your own. Originality of the effect must be less than the original article, but the same will be included in the search engine, and after the collection of articles without editing, only a small part of the search engine can be included. The original copy can be an article on the other station with a modification, can also be the same theme for multiple web sites of the article, then hand finishing, so as to form a new article, do much better than a single copy of a revision of the much better! Second: choose a good the domain name for your site, and a high-speed, stable and safe space, good domain name should satisfy three conditions:

1 domain name itself is industry keywords or popular keywords (like many domain name has been registered, you can register seemingly unpopular keywords, such as CET words a year ago does not mean much, but today they can bring a lot of traffic)! Industry vocabulary domain, can improve the status of the web site in the search in the engine of the invisible


2 domain name is best.Com, if you want to.Com domain name has been registered, suggest change ideas, register other.Com domain name, really not, and then consider the net domain name. You’d better not use the.Cn domain name.

33 months 1 yuan CN domain activities, so many people have dozens of CN meters, a lot of people have to do with the CN * * station, so now Baidu CN meters are very strict audit general station, if a lot of content is collected, may never be included in Baidu.

4 all the corn: / in search engines, especially Baidu is included in the probability is greater than other meters, in addition, org than net is easier than com is included!


third: make friends in the forum, open advertising edition, personalized signature. This method is for people who want to advertise. Many advertisers now, not only our website, and open shop, a salesman, a billboard, a character signature, can take this part to retain, because they are posting, advertising to their

fourth: landing web directory system:

— the importance of this step as the search engine landing, especially in the rapid development of the Internet in the Chinese, a large number of new users to emerge, network application level is low, many people do not distinguish between search engines and web directory system > two

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