How to increase the credibility of e commerce websites

website promotion is one of the basic functions of Internet marketing, part of the purpose of promotion is to obtain as much as possible user access, but whether the site user’s trust, directly restricts the ultimate effect of Internet marketing.

Institute Survey, a

marketing consultancy, has studied the importance of user licensing for e-commerce web sites in an online licensing Survey (OnlinePermissions). The survey of 1799 participants were divided into two groups, asking whether they are willing to send their e-commerce sites registered personal information with third parties sharing marketers.

website respect the user’s time, user privacy and user experience, is the website to establish the basis for user trust, on this basis, network marketing activities, it is easier to achieve better results. Obviously, it is an important job to increase the credibility of e-commerce websites.

here are some of the most common methods to improve web site credibility, it is important to remember that these methods may not be able to increase your sales, but they can help your enterprise to set up a good image in the minds of visitors.

1. detailed contact information, leave a company’s detailed address and phone number on a web page of your website, which increases the authenticity of the website for visitors,.

2. quickly and flexibly to provide customers with services to meet customer needs, in order to make your business to achieve better sales results, you should be careful of each customer’s needs, and respond quickly.

3., for visitors, your website should be of practical value. Don’t just recommend your product or service blindly, but provide all kinds of useful information for visitors.

4. regularly updates your website, and new content always attracts new visitors to your site. You can also add some "new" indicators (icons, or special signs) to the title of the new content to attract visitors’ attention.

5. avoids all kinds of simple mistakes, and the fewer errors on the site, the higher the credibility; research shows that simple spelling mistakes on the web can have a negative impact on the enterprise.

6. on the website to add some terms of service!? copyright? Service? (legal rights to modify the content of the website) belong? Privacy and protection of personal information? Whether or not to accept the terms of service trademark? (unlike other companies) in terms of service should also include the service statement (to provide service).

7. sends email to customers to confirm the success of the transaction. In that case, the user will trust your site more. The role of this email will be more like a receipt in a sense.

8. further explains that to provide customers with all the information they want to know, to set up a web page for FAQ (FAQ), and to add a few more

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