Adsense to achieve the original article of several methods summary

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, we told you that the most important thing in a website is originality. And a lot of original information will make your website have a good ranking, there must be a lot of friends ask, where have so many original information?.

actually want the original information is not difficult, as long as you are willing to use their brains to think, SEO is the same, in principle we all know, why some people can come up, some people do not come, to open up their own thinking, will let you have an unexpected results. Here we tell you briefly, how to have a stream of original information.

, a Book Review Form:

everyone wrote a composition, written book, began to write from the third grade primary school,. The teacher gave the class a theme, dozens of students were reading the thoughts of writing this article, so students can write a variety of articles, they also belong to the original, like we can look more authoritative now, look at a piece of writing an article, it can also create a lot of original information in the Internet with the top.

two, translating things from foreigners into their own things,

Oh, this is the most effective, people put things in place, as long as you can into your family, a foreigner to write things although translated into Chinese after is the same, but they do not think the search engine is the same thing to have English slightly, the basis of friends especially effective then, if there is no English based friends how to use it, but also never mind, we tell you a particularly effective way, use Google translation tools, or translation tools, translation can be, if there is some sentence no words, you put him into a good a word on it.

three, to add a lot of QQ group (and you optimize the target keyword relevance)

In fact, this

in my opinion is very effective, but also a very good combination of original methods, for example, are you doing virtual host products, you have to ask someone else, when buying virtual host need to pay attention to what the problem, then everyone will have different views and opinions, this time you can take all these questions to the list, look at the organization, so the original actually the most effective, Shanghai after network technology limited company technicians are using this method to operate.

four, synonym

actually, I say that synonyms are a change of meaning, converting some words or words in other people’s articles into your own. For example: the China capital into Beijing, the number 78 for seventy-eight and so on, it is also possible to create something original, but in my opinion, the efficiency is too low, I still love the first and the third forms, it is to look in the form of individual.

OK, we’ll give you all

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