How can a website attract people

for himself. I have been in the society for several years. During my graduation years, I have traveled many places to earn money. The network management time is the longest in all work, also in this period, I want the network to start an undertaking. Later, no months apart, my father called and told me to go home and not let me wander outside.

because my family is poor, my parents know that I like computers, so I bought a computer to seduce me. I combined the idea in front of me. I just started my job on the Internet, so I quit and the boss made a lot of deduction for my salary. The bonus my boss promised me was not given to me. I was so depressed that I got home with a mere more than 1000 bucks.

one back home to do online banking, apply for Taobao number. It’s too late to find a source and prepare a network shop. I like this small sellers is based on Taobao again, unless you have a new product, the product you have others do not, or very difficult to Taobao based, after the student said let me open a website, nature provides local let me think about it, I thought for a few days, ready to do a local community, so we do here to study in several communities, but do not great, after the exchange of views with my classmates, my classmate agreed, and in June this year, make a prompt decision to buy a domain name and space to start planning and production site, I consider several problems to communicate with me I don’t have the resources of students, first, not like the others a lot of money to the network above still. The classmate gave me an opinion, let me do a BBS, start slowly.

through the daily struggle every night, modify, inspect, and finally can probably operate first. Slowly entered the stage of publicity, I passed QQ, QQ space message, and search the N local nature of the QQ group, into the group with group and their members of communication and propaganda, results of a small number of people accepted. But most people do not play BBS, they are satisfied with QQ group. Say BBS is too troublesome, what kind of?. Until now I lost, I also opened a number of post, can then be invited to register for what phone card, but not many people ~ and I lost the stage, this time I found my classmates, my classmates seem to have been busy, did not see him on the line.

so I’ve been studying it myself. How did the website attract him? Was it the entertainment world that broke the news?. Still rely on local information, it can attract people who rely on yourself at first, are taken into account, to gather some popularity, and then slowly through advertising, there is a recharge forum profit, it occasionally to everyone free of welfare, click every day a lot of people, but no one registered, it put me in a confused state.

how can I save my popularity so that I can get my local people together?.

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