A how to understand the future trend of individual owners through the current situation

started a frenzy in the Internet since November this year. Whether it is to check the site for the record, the closure of several major BT class download sites, as well as the WAP site remediation work, CN domain name is not open, individual user registration and so on. Let our personal stationmaster in the abyss of misery, everywhere is the sound of complaints, but we can do nothing about it. In such a special period, what we need more is calm and thinking. This regulation will certainly have a profound impact on the internet.

The current situation of

firstly we analyze, for the entertainment website, before personal webmaster blissfully such as movies, novels and so on, this is the focus of remediation goals, there are several reasons: one is the copyright issue, the two is illegal information.

is the second WAP remediation site, because the WAP site has just started, is still in the initial stage, just as the Internet has just started, all kinds of information level is uneven, but the development of the Internet has been more than 10 years, the management problems are gradually keep up, so I want to use the WAP site gold webmaster may hit.

is also announced in December 14th the CN domain name not individual users open enrollment policy, I personally think that this is just a temporary move, because before the CN domain name 1 yuan registration activities are a large number of COM be in full swing, to seize the share registration number has been high Biao, suggesting that the CN domain development direction is not far for enterprise registration situation closely, so for the CN domain name to pick up only wait patiently and policy adjustment.


is in the moment of crisis is more to experience and observe the development trend in the future, the Internet campaigns not only conducted a reshuffle of the IDC for individual stationmaster is also the case, this regulation gives those who walk the edge, impetuous and whimsical webmaster to a major blow, let the Internet. The bubble gradually dispersed, so that more carefully done station owners benefit.

through the analysis of the current form of the Internet, we basically have been able to see the future of personal Adsense business way and direction. First of all, I personally feel that personal webmaster can not touch: first, copyright issues related to the station, such as movies, novels, anime and so on. Two, edge ball, this I do not write specific, so as to avoid being harmonious, we all understand. Personal webmaster only to a more professional, more meticulous service to the exploration and development in the future, the Internet can not always Chaoyang a project on the Internet, only to adapt to the situation, continue to explore, to have their own living space.

the Internet campaign, although many to many innocent webmaster, I am one of them, my www.dianzhang.com cannot be opened for 3 days, but also the replacement of the room, all know it is very bad for a website, but also to remind us, standing in time this time, we are aware of several major problems, the first.

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