Beginners running a month of experience pat experience

The era of the

electronic commerce has been like a raging fire, e-commerce hidden huge business opportunities by more and more people know, but many novice sellers, after the shop has not tasted the sweetness of the electronic commerce, this kind of new business shop desolate, no transaction amount, even many businesses are waiting, actually as a the credit value is low, the seller, the biggest worry is that the store traffic is too small, the flow rate and the volume is proportional, less flow, natural volume is less, how to break the bottleneck? Here to talk about some of the author’s personal experience, for the novice

friends reference!


in the tens of thousands of Pat shop, how to make their own shops emerge, the author thinks that only to take the initiative to let more people know your shop, know your goods will bring the volume, then qualified as a seller, what should we do to improve their own views the shop to bring the volume


1: mentality should be straightened out, good service attitude,

open online shop and open entities, and only open the door, guests can come in, and online often online is a prerequisite. Only online to let buyers better and more objective and comprehensive understanding of a commodity; and mentality to adjust, if you carefully direct relation between you and buyers exchange, good attitude can let buyers have a good first impression on you, it is the final transaction of goods or have a important the role of


2: Shop promotions are essential,

for the new and old customers, we can pick some practical goods regularly held some promotions, one can get more repeat customers, and can develop new customers themselves, eventually formed their own a relatively fixed group of buyers.

3: the necessary promotion methods need to try

A: Baby key optimization

In fact, the optimization of

keywords and independent website almost, but is operated in the pat internal platform, object independent website was replaced by Pat, as a novice should pay attention to what is often a popular search keywords pat on the home page, because buyers rely mainly on keyword search to search, if want to let more buyers see your shops and goods, must be in the name of the commodity used in the key words, of course, you don’t mess with the keyword and the violation of the rules of pat on the release of goods.

B: official events should take an active part in

I just contact on a month’s time, the official found pat each page activities are very rich, often pat all kinds of store promotions, if your goods had been selected, that your store exposure rate is greatly increased, sales also have a qualitative leap, but want to this kind of activity is relatively difficult, limited. It generally requires goods to be >

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