was Baidu down right to resume the difficult process of ranking

I really am a novice webmaster, fully understand website, on the site is not ready in case of will on the Internet, I was also not fully understand what is called included, what is called the K, what is called right down, Google in Baidu, in their search, also the words "Zhuzhou tutor, my website ranking 3 in about 4, also did not pay special attention to what, in April 1st, due to my website and a new idea, decided to site wide update, but I made a very wrong operation is the web page defaul.aspx stopped, in order to convenient, I wrote a index.html put up, this page is completely no title, the content is to inform you that the site is being updated, from April 1st to April 10th, placed for 10 days. You must have guessed what my site is going to be. Yes, it was.

I don’t know what

is called down the right, I just found the Baidu search inside to see his own website, and I updated Baidu search engine has also been wrong I update, I wonder if what’s wrong, then search related articles everywhere, so I find the organization, find the stationmaster net Admin5, after reading the above article, I finally know how to replace the home page "food", do not say, I also changed the title page, which directly lead to fall right. Mongolia, after reading a lot of articles I know right down can be restored, so I joined the webmaster group, in the group of the LORD: just in time to see Zhang Hangfeng in the message, I will give my website simple said, did not think he was eager to tell me the solution, I he said the soft start increased in accordance with the way to update the article, from the April 18th increase in the chain, originally thought to how a month to return, did not expect this morning to see statistics actually have a lot of links from Baidu, SEO tools, Baidu on my included increase, weight recovery.

is here, I am very grateful to the Admin5 station network, and I also have the feeling of regret, if I knew this website, I knew this organization, I would not have suffered a half a month of pain, of course, maybe someone worse. I would also like to thank the webmaster and friends, especially advocate Hangfeng greatly, thank you.

I also own a month to sum up new experiences to share with everyone: 1, did not do a good job site, no good positioning of the site, not on the learning website stationmaster net do not put online, after the event to conduct large-scale changes, Baidu and other search engines can think you cheat. 2, the site must not have sensitive characters, large sites can have, but novice web site can not, otherwise the site will be reduced right, or that illegal content and stop updating. 3, you can look at the competitors of the chain, and then to send soft Wen, so doing a lot of work, but there is hard to return.


doesn’t know what I’m saying, right?"

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