ncrease site traffic by grabbing blog blogs

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under the flow one way is to use blog sofa! We will use Sina for an example: Sina blog sofa guy guy, rob star blog sofa, he claimed his occupation is to grab the sofa, his station traffic one day there are tens of thousands of IP, is in his blog, because we are going to see him in the end what is to grab the sofa. You look at the published time and the first time people sit on the sofa, there is a certain period of time, basically is 5-10 minutes, update frequency of concern was the blog is not the same.

we see that the blog has a very detailed function, we usually have forgotten, that is the RSS subscription, if we can put the update time of these star blog are displayed, just let us know the star blog updates the first time, so I can grab a lot of sofa, in order to achieve flow borrow, with some of the more subtle language, you can borrow a lot of traffic flow, because the star is much too high.

and RSS subscription function, there will be instant reminder of this function, as long as the other side of the update, this side will be updated immediately, and then we can immediately grab the sofa, so as to achieve high flow purposes.

this method is simple? Very simple, we continue to extend: we can combine RSS software development and automatic reply, that is when the RSS indicates a time to update the blog system, immediately to comment each other’s blog, so as to achieve the purpose of the way to seize the sofa, basically what we are not, automatic flow we are using the. If you can master the 10 stars of the blog home flow, then one day is hundreds of thousands of traffic.

so the point here is hard work. If you work twice as much as others, you’ll get twice as much income as others, and pay and reward will always be equivalent.

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