nternet three industry first choice American server hire


with the rapid development of Internet, the trend of rapid development of Chinese network industries continue to grow, especially in recent years, many traditional industries to local business expansion to the country, the domestic business expansion to overseas enterprises; many more businesses and individuals to actively join the Internet business to enter the major industries, showing a diversified development the situation. The business enterprise of Internet business development, industry website is an important platform to display their products and services, and the site has to rely on the server to normal operation, so in the Internet business development on the occasion, application server is one of the most important works.

as mentioned above, the development of the Internet industry China diversified trend, because each industry oriented market different groups, business users in the choice of IDC products and also to meet the diverse needs, but in practice because many businesses and individual users have little knowledge of the server, the server selection is the lack of experience, in the time of purchase there will appear unreasonable situation. Nine river network here to tell you, different industry types of server configuration difference is great, select the applicable server to ensure the safe and stable operation of the site. Next, I give you an example of how different industries choose American servers to rent.

How does the

game industry buy American servers and rent


game industry hire American server. The first is facing the access speed, bandwidth, the second is to ensure the safe and stable aspects of the rent in the game server market, many online games are eager to set up an early game player game server of your own, but the game player on the server installation, network environment and performance don’t understand. It is easy to be deceived, the author suggests that the game industry can find well-known service providers cooperation game server business. If you want to buy American servers, I recommend choosing Chicago SK room server access speed, strong stability, bandwidth resources, IP number and other anti DDOS attack ability, is the first American game server rental room.

video industry how to buy American servers to rent

video industry mainly refers to: video sites, video chat, movies, download and other services, in addition to the requirements of the server itself high bandwidth and high performance, but also need to support multicast, application delivery. If you choose the server must choose the access service line or cross regional, choose the server. You don’t have to consider two issues, with many years of experience in IDC, nine river network that the United States of Denver FDC server room is very suitable for the video downloads site selection, the total bandwidth of more than 1TB, to meet the high bandwidth traffic video industry needs the demand at the same time, the server performance is the United States in the server of the best, price is low for start-ups to choose.

foreign trade how to buy American server hire

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