How do you analyze your competitors’ website before you do it

before writing the overall business plan for the site, we need to regularly study new industries and monitor their websites. Cut into a new industry, how to analyze competitors website, learn from each other’s useful knowledge, build their own web site competitive strategy. It’s something we’ve been thinking about how to tap into more useful things from perspective, and discover the difference in Web site operations.

general website operations analysis, from the following aspects:

I, the market side.

The strategic intention of

1. website operation.


is popular on the market so saying "go your own way, others blocked". For an unfamiliar market and unfamiliar products, it is very difficult for the pioneer to cultivate and create a market atmosphere. When the market size reaches a certain level, competitors will enter the competition, competitors in the study of the pioneers in the process of introducing new concepts, to avoid the misunderstanding of the pioneer, it is easy to occupy the market. Just as Sina’s blogs and online video screens soon gained market share. Cutting into a new industry, if the competitors intentionally or unintentionally clamp down, then the market operation is a problem. Just as many websites pay a lot of money, they should also buy some similar cn/.net domain names, many of which are strategic reasons.

analyzes B2B and B2C sites, and there are so many cases that you can learn.

, for example, analysis of each other’s branch distribution, business models, resources and advantages, and so on.

to do strategic analysis, generally take Michael, ·, Potter’s five forces model, strategic theory, value chain, diamond system and industry cluster theory. I always think the best book is Li Weining teacher "electronic commerce competitive strategy", he changed a lot of people for e-commerce ideas, so that you can from a tech savvy people to quickly understand the market slightly rough transition to the operating site from the marketing point of view. Cost leadership strategy, differentiation strategy, specific strategy, barrier strategy, fast forward strategy, which are often used to study the path of competitors.

compared with the traditional industry operations, although the website has many unique features, but for the website, there are still many reference points. When we do project planning, each link are detailed to think, although there are a lot of things without the data, also beyond your ability, but we can also find the intention of competitors from the GOOGLE or BAIDU strategy.

planning out, the results should be as simple as possible, but the problem must be considered simple, executives do not necessarily stand in the perspective of planners thinking. Website positioning, website market segmentation, market capacity is based on the full study of the market.


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