About the chain of self experience published

one. The chain article writing and publication:

writes: go to the web site to search for usability articles, or write your own articles. Add keywords, links as chains. Three forms: mainly HTML, IE, UBB, as well as direct domain name links, the article can write some of the original keywords written in the TXT document.

external chain query command:

Domain:+ domain name.

LINK:+ domain name.

uses webmaster’s home web site query: www. webmasterhome.cn.

two. Website posting specification:

1., pay attention to the relevant implementation of each column inside, do not throw useless irrelevant articles.

Add the keyword

2. copy or extract article can be added to black or bold, but not too much.

3. posts the note link out (posting links to other sites).

4. do not have the wholly intact excerpts from other articles, we should revise the content and title.


5. is available in published articles in addition related content website links, also not overdo sth. one article, not too much.

6. posts on pages with high PR values, PR values for page levels, and the higher the PR, the higher the ranking in the google. Such as Gov. edu. webmaster network, paste it, know. Dig nets (dig nets), donews… ..

three. Self – Experience:

1. Baidu paste bar, know to include good. Need to add two or three new articles every day, sent to Baidu know, stick it related column. Own search such as: network marketing, SEO, website construction, mobile phones, mobiles, mobile, mobile phone brands, and so on.

2. post in breadth: Baidu search, forum, blog, Post Bar, message board, 58 city and other classified information, network, community, register, register the account password, add three or four each tag 2-5; message theme in the relevant blog, comment.

3. webmaster nets, discuz and dig nets are collected very quickly, very good web site. One or two updates are required every day.

4. do a good record of the collection, in the collection of good site, often need to update.

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