51 rankings subvert traditional search rather than search

in recent years, the global online advertising market has maintained a rapid growth trend, and China’s online advertising industry has maintained a two digit growth. As a new form of media publicity, Internet advertising has been more and more popular and used by many enterprises, and has become an important means of publicity for businessmen.

currently more popular Internet advertising accounting mode, there are three, namely, pay per click, according to thousands of people on the cost accounting, effect billing. In the latter two, a relatively high cost of delivery, and secondly, the delivery effect is not obvious, so click pay is the Internet’s most simple advertising methods. Normally, put on the search engine keyword advertising is usually considered to be paid by the effect, in fact here is the effect of "click", that is to say "don’t click No Fee" network advertisement, theoretically, search engine keyword advertising can do to the highest degree of localization, every a click is from potential users, but in fact, due to the driving of unfair competition and interests, make the seemingly perfect search engine advertising click invalid click fraud behavior has serious malicious user clicks and.

so how to effectively prevent malicious clicks and eliminate invalid clicks,


, we have to figure out what is called search engine advertising,

when we are looking for something online, we can easily find what we want to find through Baidu, Google, YAHOO, Sogou and other search engines. For example, you want to buy flowers, you live in Xi’an. You login to Baidu, you will enter Xi’an flowers or buy flowers or gifts of flowers, these words (these terms: keyword search, then called) from a lot of results to choose their own website to buy love. Why do some sites in the row in front of it, some are in a row on the back? The row in front is more easily to be found? So, ranking before is to want to rely on search engines to pay the front! What is called the bidding advertising? For example, such as my present pre paid search the engine is 1000 yuan. Every time a customer clicks on my ad, the search engine makes a $1000 deduction from $1. Well, if there’s another client, he pays $1000 for the search engine, but he pays $2 for the search engine every time he clicks on an ad. The client’s advertising, on the row in front of me than, if I want more than him, I must each customer with one click my advertisement, I volunteered to search engine buckle money more than 2 yuan in the same competition as this. Whoever pays the highest price will be the first one, so it is called competitive advertising. (same as price war)

is looking at what malicious clicks are. What experience does a malicious click bring to the customer?

was interested in customer products, with one click, the customer will be handed over to the search engine, such as a yuan of money, this is no ground for blame, but the problem is that there are a lot of people deliberately sabotage, waste of advertising clients. For example, obviously, the product to the customer is not

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