Baidu search engine collection habits

Baidu is the world’s largest Chinese search engine, search technology for Chinese web pages in some way ahead of Google, Baidu in some ways and Google have the same or similar, it also has the following characteristics:

1, pay more attention to the first impression included

website first impression of Baidu, compared with Google, Baidu search engine is a high degree of human involvement, that is to say by the people to decide whether to include "not by the machine to decide on some level. So, doing the best content rich, original content more, web keywords and content the high point before the website on the login Baidu search engine, so as to give Baidu a good first impression. Such as: the station.

2, sensitive to web updates,

Baidu update on the website is relatively Google more sensitive, and this may be Baidu relevant local character. Baidu search engine is updated weekly, "depending on the importance of different update rate, the frequency between a few days to a month. So in Baidu search results included basically marked time.

3, pay more attention to home page


home page to the attention degree to be higher than Google, the above mentioned "included more emphasis on first impression" date. Baidu search results in the show is often the web page is displayed, not specific to a content page (when they think it is not important). In contrast, the user experience the discounted amount of users,.

and increased its "Baidu snapshot"

4, pay more attention to the absolute address of the link

Baidu included "when compared to the absolute address included, Baidu snapshot function is not the absolute path analysis of relative address, I do not know this is a manifestation of Baidu.

technology or the negligence of preference

5, more attention to date included

Baidu website collected great value on the date, is the ranking of search results of reference points were included in earlier ranking will be higher, sometimes even without considering the correlation it that is important content in the first place, and click to enter after the discovery of outdated information or spam. This is Baidu the improvement of.


Baidu uses the technology:


using the following techniques: "recognition" a mirror on the Internet and quasi mirror sites, this method solves the problem of search engine on the same duplication of information access, save the cyber source and local resources, improve the quality and efficiency of service; "a computer index based on words and retrieval methods, the method for a continuous text information, through lexical analysis after treatment by adding contact means of vocabulary, vocabulary indexing and retrieval system based on the retrieval quality improvement, users search more accurate.

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