Companies must not ignore blogs and micro blog to boost traffic and push B2C and B2B


HubSpot recently on the more than 7000 corporate clients to do a blog and SNS on site traffic impact "survey found that small business enterprises if the use of blogs and social networks, can greatly improve the enterprise website traffic, and corporate blog can produce great influence on the development of the enterprise, at the same time the B2C and B2B business enterprise will play a significant role in promoting.

The influence of blog number per month on website traffic of

enterprise blog. From the above picture, we can see that the more blogs the company releases, the more rapid its product updates or research and development, and the more traffic it brings.

The more

monthly blogs, the more B2C companies gain. From the figure below we can see that the more Bo Wen number, B2C and B2B enterprises access to more web traffic, but after more than 8 Bo Wen, B2C enterprises benefit significantly higher than B2B enterprises.


different types of enterprises benefit differently. If a number of enterprises in the number of Bowen sent between 21-25 articles, will be more than Bowen 11-20 articles between enterprises get more than 45% of the traffic. When the total number of articles issued, more than 100 articles, the small enterprises (10 people) will be much more traffic than large and medium-sized enterprises.

at the same time, HubSpot company also to more than 7000 enterprise customers Twitter and Facebook "praise" have done relevant investigation, the result, such as enterprise blog, it produced more influence.

B2C companies benefit from a lot of attention. The more Twitter stakeholders are concerned, the more corporate traffic will be generated (see chart below). But we can see that the 1000 concern is the dividing line between the good and the bad of a Twitter. When the number of enterprise Twitter followers is below 1000, it has little impact. When the number exceeds 1000, B2C enterprise website traffic began to blow up, and far higher than B2B enterprises.


The amount of

Facebook praise also has an important impact on enterprise website traffic. As shown in the following figure, praise and Twitter concern consistent, when the number of praise over 1000, the impact of its blowout will also be.


A blowout like

may have a lot to do with the type of B2C business, the number of consumers, and the size effect.

the use of good social networking and enterprise blogs, therefore, is definitely not part of advertising marketing

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