How much profit did the 700 million hits of Jiangnan Style bring to YouTube



"the Style" on the fire? Foreign video website YouTube "on demand" Gangnam Style has more than 700 million, at least in the world has reached 1 billion! Mourinho is good, YouTube is good, in just three months, two (a version of the original video, a HD) on demand could withstand 700 million times, enough to show that the YouTube technology in the field of video on demand of the top YouTube status and influence in the world. But how much did 700 million clicks cost and how much money did YouTube earn?

expects server running costs: $296360 (about 1 million 880 thousand yuan)

expects advertising revenue: $348285 (about 2 million 210 thousand yuan)

YouTube on "the Style" net profit: $51898 (about 330 thousand yuan) of

looks like YouTube is going to make a big profit this year.

calculation principle:

above figures are in statistical speculation, I personally think Google may not be able to accurately answer how to calculate the profitability of a single video, let alone I can not contact the details of the people.

Google in the global distribution of the various servers, recommendation server, flow share server, streaming media server, search engine, page server, server cache server, the only way to ensure that users can quickly and easily use Google products, this is where the advantages of Google. Because the network use fees, server costs belong to trade secrets, we simply can not obtain, so we can only refer to the relevant parameters of the Amazon cloud server to calculate, and eventually draw approximate values.

storage cost:

stores a length of 4 minutes and 15 seconds of "Gangnam Style" at least 80 different file storage, also includes 6 different resolution at the same time (low resolution, moderate resolution, SD, qHD, HD, Full, HD) three different devices, four different encoding methods.

requires $0.025 (RMB 0.158) for storing and decoding 1GB content. The contents include 90MB/ minutes of HD resolution required, as well as ultra low resolution 1MB/ minutes under 2G network.

After standard compression,

requires 2.8GB space in total.

this video needs to be stored on servers in 30 regions worldwide, so the total storage cost is US $2.2 (about 14 yuan)

traffic cost:

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