Melancholy use the Baidu URL correctly to submit the login window

I have been standing for 4 years, how many, has not written what articles on the Internet, today and we talk about whether the site needs to submit to Baidu search engine, and what in what case landing Baidu?.

This is the Baidu

URL submission Center Address: contact network when I started in 07, when SEO in China can be said to be the early stages of development, even now many small famous webmaster where time has not joined the long circle, then a lot of people do website is in place also do not know to submit to Baidu, do not know there is a free website where submitted to Baidu, not afraid to say out all laughed, I was doing business in an Internet company, the company’s technology do not know. I am more interested in the network, there is always the time on A5, Chinaz webmaster nets, Adsense online to learn from these things, at the beginning of the work, to submit their site Baidu customers, as short as a few days to income, as long as more than half a month income, and the company do network station many months no income. At this point a lot of webmaster sites do, the first thing is landing the major search engine entrance.

with the discovery of the network, SEO began in the domestic response more and more open, in a moment to be spread, in the 08/09/10 3 years, SEO can be said to be a leap forward, the site of the tactics are not the same. Many people choose to do the experiment, a new method, 09-10 years, many webmaster do website, not in a hurry to submit your web site search engine landing, with the new method "spider" called "spider" is to the forum, and the income relatively fast website, send some chain. Let the spider climb down the chain over, let them crawl the web. This way, usually 2-3 days on the search engine, will be able to earn their own web site.

What should

do now? Is it a search engine or a spider? Every webmaster has different experiences. I’ll talk about my practice.

1, just on the line of new sites; usually in the BBS, or weight high income fast web site, send 3-5 outside chain, and then do the site itself update, but update content must be original.

2, the old domain name do stand; some are you old domain name registration used by others of this kind of domain name, domain name, you stand a good job after Baidu spider climb after, there will be "out of the original web page the last radiance of the setting sun", not your website, this case can be part of the chain, refer to the Baidu search engine. I have 3 station is the case, submitted to Baidu, second days to put their own websites put out, the chain premise is doing, if not submitted to Baidu, probably half a month to income, because I started to use the "spider", but the Baidu 1 star have no income, then I submit it, on revenue.

3, yourself >

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