Analyze the factors that influence site ranking from the inside and outside of the website


I know, in the network on the content of the website ranking have been many, I also went to see, but I think my analysis of the factors influencing the website ranking more comprehensively, so, today to talk about the Taizhou SEO owners are most concerned about, what are the effects of website ranking factor:

before going to understand the site ranking factors we need to solve some questions: search engine according to what sort of website? How many people can be fully aware of search engine algorithms? I believe we should also have these problems, according to the website search engine can give the user search information, and give the user the most the value of information as a reference, if your site has a good user experience, then the search engine will give website traffic and ranking. Based on these, the special search engine ranking algorithm and SEO experience a ranking principle, this principle is referred to as SEO model! With the analysis of SEO model, we can also go to the analysis of the factors affect the site ranking better:

improve the internal factors of ranking: a website to have good rankings, so it must have rich content, site title, keyword position, internal links, page keyword relevance, use keywords as well as the use of nofollow in the page, domain name and so on, are internal factors can affect the site ranking. Taizhou SEO proposed location when everyone in the writing of the title of the layout must join the key reference magazines and newspapers to place these publications, good use of internal links, talked about the internal website optimization: anchor text, station links, navigation links and so on, must apply, because of the use of internal links can good web page weight increase, write the content of the page must have correlation with the website keywords, that is to say, if your website keywords are "SEO" and your article is written "how to play the game" this article is not to write good! The best domain names contain the keywords or Pinyin English, such as your site keywords is "game" so your domain name appears in the "Youxi" or "game" on the website of the website ranking is also helpful. Internal nofollow settings must be careful because nofollow has an impact on site rankings. Well, these are the internal factors about the site rankings.

external factors to improve the ranking: external factors to improve the ranking, I think we all know, that is, the construction of external links, and we release the chain when we must pay attention to a few points:

1. the chain of correlation, universality, popularity: be sure to tell you the website outside the chain, the chain can not only in the relevant website home page chain, construction, also need to pay attention to the internal links in the content of the website is sufficient, the number of site outside the chain to


2. anchor text usage: anchor text is a >

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