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We all know that

flow is the key to the shop operation, usually involves most of the traffic, in addition to natural search, the vast majority of businesses will choose such as diamond booths, train such paid traffic tools. As for drilling exhibition, the click rate of the material directly influences the ratio of input to output, which is the point that everyone pays close attention to. Here you will introduce a series of techniques for developing the layout of the page from the material to the launch.

first of all, material; usually concerned about the most material creativity, visual impact and other factors. Often overlooked this process is an important link to high – click must establish a good process, in the process of poor circumstances, no matter how we think of creative brains, are very hard to hit the material.

The correct flow chart for



people tend to ignore the "collection" and "improvement" two pieces of content

about collecting and analyzing

as the saying goes, "know thyself, know yourself, to understand their own delivery category and related categories is critical, only understand the broader market, analysis of successful cases, can be more effective to click on the high road.

collection generally comes from two aspects:

1, an official given the "Diamond booth monthly excellent picture arrangement", this document will be classified by category to collect the excellent material of the month. Do not click on the data, but provide excellent material to enjoy higher clicks.

2 collects excellent picture materials from store designers or operations every day.

analysis method

method of analysis, it is recommended to use the two column analysis, respectively, to copy and visual dimension to resolve billboards. As shown, we extract the category 1-8 of the material for the analysis of ranked first in the Youmai banner can put ah q extracted, inferred from the "new spring" that this is a typical seasonal copy, inferred from the "Princess wind" and "European Renaissance" that this is the outline of the outline for the brand. Then from the vision of a look at some of the greatest feature of this piece of material, the first is different from the market low saturation color, we can see the picture is to build a scene in the shed, with European style furniture, creating a retro flavor. So far, the first piece of material has been analyzed. Then look at the second, or copy from start, respectively, can be sorted out promotions, discounts, more styles on the new. Look at the visual effects, very simple product tile. We can continue to analyze the following advertising materials according to the above methods. Finally get the top copy of the material and visual features.


After the

analysis, it can be classified according to the visual effect. From the month of view, can be roughly divided into "Europe and the United States wind", "Han Feng", "details of the local", "tile class."". We can refer to cloth when we make it

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