20 good tips on how to choose a domain name

how to choose domain names, has been one of many webmaster in the early stage of the station encountered one of the more headache problem: good domain name was selected, go, and think of yourself and feel that there is no value. Here I want to say the webmaster for the domain name selection to spend more effort is worth it, because the domain name is not just a website address, a label is also the site of the visitors is to remember you, and later to ensure brand promotion. Therefore, the choice of the domain name should focus on as much as possible to let visitors easy access, easy to spread the thinking angle, so that the webmaster in domain name choice not too anxious to make a decision, you know to choose an appropriate domain name can bring immeasurable wealth for the

website!The following 20 suggestions for

are what we should consider when selecting a domain name:

1,.Com domain name priority to register

2 lists a list of keywords that can describe the content of a web site in various ways, using the keywords in the list to construct the domain name

3, using brainstorming, or constantly trying to mix keyword combinations to create domain names

4, avoid the use of hyphen

5, and do not use boring numbers, with caution numbers, 123 and 456 are very good to remember, but Hao123 can succeed, hao456 may not be ok.

6, give priority to choosing product / service name as domain name

7, the shorter the domain name, the better,

8, make sure the domain name is easy to spell and read aloud

9, consider whether the keywords have other extended meanings or synonyms, and make use of them, such as optimization and generalization, which have very similar meanings in SEO.

10 reads aloud the target domain name to determine if it sounds ambiguous,

11, the use of dictionaries, encyclopedias and other resources to conceive of new keyword combinations

12, avoid too simple or too complex spelling, simple, difficult to understand, complicated, too cumbersome to write.

13, to ensure that the domain name even in the next few years, will not be surrounded by a large number of homogeneous domain name, select a forward-looking domain name

14, think a little more closely related to the theme of the website, but with a profound meaning, unforgettable phrase

15, choose those potentially able to strengthen the website brand name, such as web design and sales of high-end products, a common name might make you are forced to reduce identity.

16, avoid using easily confused domains with your competitors unless you do so on purpose.

17, do enough research and then make a decision, don’t be complacent, extremely arrogant.

18, through good reputation, reliable domain name registration

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