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stems from a project we have been working on to solve the problem of how suppliers implant e-commerce in the community. Through a year of exploration, we found that the direct implantation of community e-commerce in the current environment, there are many immature factors, I directly throw a few of the most critical factors, please correct me:

1. most of the community does not have user shopping (environment and atmosphere) and the sale of commodities expected a professional characteristic, it’s like you go to a job fair at the same time, it was selling cosmetics, the comparison is not very appropriate, many of my friends have viscosity, users have the trust community in the community, but this not too viscous direct help to develop the electronic commerce community. Why Carrefour can be settled in a lot of other shops, the most important thing is because of Carrefour itself, the location of the store and one-stop shopping, zero distance convenience.

2. is the use of both community channel outsourcing or self built mall, you are still difficult to integrate into the user’s context, before we have been talking about impulsive consumption, sense of consumption, a little misunderstanding, this part of the market space is there, but overall, in this market space, the price sensitivity, fun shopping the suit, and so on, and stimulate the mainstream, such as suitable for some flash sale and lowest quiz, Holland auction, group purchase, and the purpose and function of the demand instead of shopping.

at the same time, we found that interactive marketing in the community, and then access to sales opportunities, is a cost-effective place to share with you the idea of community interactive marketing model.


community is a soil active users, for e-commerce, although the money order is the most precious, but sometimes we have to take some circuitous tactics, from the community to the electronic commerce, we like driving on the highway, large roadside billboards soon float past, but this time. If someone put a car, and then give you a number of destination merchant coupons, you may accept.

so, our community [interactive marketing mode], is to explore a breakthrough business community marketing, promotion is an eternal topic, we should do some quantitative management for each promotion, but also hope far lower than the hard advertising costs do long-term promotion, and [community interactive marketing mode] is based on the CPS and CPA model based on the combination of CPS and CPA may be cut into the e-commerce community medicine. And in the community, like the highway on the road, we can easily form a mob effect.

, for you, do you think the community’s e-commerce soils are available? If you feel immature, do you have the idea of switching to getting sales opportunities?

The status of

problem is a lot of business or not stop doing hard wide and activities in the community, sometimes the electricity supplier to do such a thing to eat a lot of grievances, a party.

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