Baidu you’re raped like this

, first of all, explain myself. I’m a SEO super rookie. Many websites have been made, but none of them rank first. On the contrary, it has been tortured by Baidu many times, and it hurts and is happy. Before I made a Admin5 article "what can I do to save the site two times by K releasing station documentary", which referred to a word, a relatively large flow of words (search volume to 30 thousand in 20 thousand, Baidu ranked first words can have tens of thousands of search traffic. The word is " the Asian color chart " so… I now ask you to go to Baidu under the word """; Asian color chart " and """; Europe and America color chart " these two words. I don’t know if you’re surprised or not. In this case, I can’t help asking Baidu: ", you’re raped like this? "?

yes, this word is a color word, but if you can’t seal these two words, I don’t know if you should be presented to users to search the user what kind of search results, but at least it should not be like this. Is that your fair, just?. This is your " the most skilled Chinese search engine " a technical approach.

for this, I can only say a word, I can not understand Baidu.

recently, when I was doing the fashion body art website, the whole process seemed to be played by Baidu. The first day, ranking is good, the weight is high. Second days, ranking down more than 100, the weight is nothing, and then one day, and all up, and then…… So come back and forth, now or continue to toss?. I want to ask, is it that you are raped by those SEO who feel your temper, or are you trying to get us up in the morning, site first, then update, and then brush your teeth and then wash your face,


the examples of the two words I have raised this time may be more one-sided and more extreme, but… I really can’t understand you, Baidu, you really willing to be raped like this,


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