DY server and server hosting experience sharing

in the middle of the night can’t sleep, simply do not sleep together, and share with you some time ago to the DIY server and the server hosting the thing, purely personal experience, there is no technical content, veteran at

no nonsense, we go directly to the subject.

DIY server

first, we must have a server, only need to talk about hosting the thing, so it is a pressing matter of the moment to get rich, servers can directly buy brand servers, services and customer service are very good, but for us this is the pursuit of cost-effective and unique DIY spirit of grassroots webmaster, we of course DIY, on the DIY server before, to have a general plan, how much of these have their first budget, then combine the actual conditions of DIY, it will DIY their own satisfaction with the server.

here are some suggestions for you:

1. server hardware is recommended locally to buy, for the convenience of the sale, the price may be slightly more expensive than other places, in the long run, or choose the local good.

2. must find a professional DIY server business, the last in Beijing to a friend with the server encountered such a thing, a PC, said he can mix server (money, what they dare to take the list), and then go sit for a while, to talk about a single member, it’s utterly ignorant of a single member of the server configuration is our own thing, say, the price is called to ask him, do you think that the price does not increase it? Also, non professional, no server configuration experience, all aspects considered, DIY is not a simple

3. combined with the actual situation, the configuration without too high, we have to consider their own pre funding, practice can be a common type of configuration, a big reason why we DIY in order to save costs, there is a need of a friend can contact me, to recommend one or two configuration.

4. hard disk space without too much, considering the actual situation, 300G or so enough, even if the sale of space, not just on the size of the hero, bandwidth, CPU what is the key.

5. Raid1 two is recommended to do the disk, hard disk, even if one always synchronized, unfortunately broken, another one can guarantee the normal work, this is the Popss.com, just a piece of hard money, but it can greatly ensure the safety of data, the so-called hard price data is priceless well.

6. server configuration is completed, not about the room, many for the first time hosting friends are particularly excited, can’t wait to go to the server into the room, and then began his dream. In fact, this is not good, it is best to put their own home debugging for a few days, after all, we are DIY, and have to consider the use of both heat dissipation problems, the brand server when the factory is also the same

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