n China why does Baidu Baidu win over Google Google


in China market share easily surpassed Google, many people have been looking for reasons for Baidu talk, Baidu can say innovation, more than Google more localized, faster, better results. Someone spoke for Google, saying it was because the snapshot was gone because the old one could not access it. In fact, it’s easy to find out why Google lost to Baidu, and it’s hard to find a solution.

, let’s start with the Baidu side, talk about a few reasons, and see why. Then, from the Google side, look for a few more reasons to see if there is any solution.

Baidu strong reason.

1) localization well done. Technical personnel are more Chinese, from products to technology, are Chinese, so more Chinese users from the design of products, services.

2) fast. Indeed, the earliest Google showed up at 0.0001 seconds, and Baidu soon learned the set. Giving people a sense of speed, so many people say that Baidu is good.

3) the result is better. After Liang Dong went to Baidu, he led a better PR: Baidu knows Chinese better. As for Baidu’s machines and systems, it’s not important to know Chinese better, so long as users think about Baidu, they think Baidu knows Chinese better.

4) product innovation. From the music MP3 search to Baidu know, Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu post bar, these products innovation from Baidu change search portal began, has not stopped. So, Baidu (global brand network) to cultivate the young users a lot of love search MP3, this group of users and because no threshold expression of Baidu Post Bar, to further stimulate the development of Wikipedia and know the product, until recently Baidu hi.

Google weak reason.

1) late into china. Although Google has already entered China, it is very narrow, but some IT and researchers are using it, and more people do not use it on the internet.

2) snapshot gone, users feel cheated on the google.

3) old can not go up the net, give a person the feeling of slow speed.

4) Old English results, many people feel Google is too miscellaneous.

5) Google is unresponsive and China wants to localize it, but it doesn’t work at all.

6) Google does not understand Chinese, at least not Baidu, accurate results.

said for a long time, we did not find it, in fact, all of this, all because of Baidu’s public relations and publicity far beyond Google, so that Google simply can not force.

Google why lost to Baidu, technology is not the key, marketing accounted for a large share. The number of Google users has also been increasing, but the growth rate is not fast, because of the demand for information search, far behind the music m>

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