Managing the mail system what developers and web owners need to know and value


one. How important is mail?


Chinese first email is from Germany "father of the Internet" Wiener · Zorn and Wang Yunfeng on September 20, 1987, the research of computer application technology in Beijing are sent to the University of Karlsruhe in germany.

to 2013, according to the Internet data research agency report shows that personal email effective user scale between 200 million -3 million, about 90% of the PC client login mailbox, at least 50% of the users use mobile phone mailbox, mailbox, less than 10% of users accustomed to using mobile phone mailbox landing.

, while mobile Internet and emerging instant messaging have had a major impact on email, e-mail is still the mainstream in the internet.

two. Mail marketing, mass service needs to pay attention to the important matters

1. mailbox address is very important. There are a lot of selling email address of the website, which is a lot of machines to automatically generate the e-mail address, email address is fake, for example, the machine comes to the sender address generation, not only a waste of SMTP (mail server) resources, and greatly increases the possibility of being blocked SMTP.

2., a good mailing solution is essential. Email is a work time, not a fix the mass mailing software, we do not believe in some online vendors said, a mass of ten Email, no matter. Bulk mail, to the truth, whether it is for free / charge third party mail service, or build their own mail server, instant continuously sent more than 5000 letters, will cause the sending queue congestion, resulting into the garbage box and bounce etc..

3. don’t be superstitious about QQ mail. Many users have asked about the QQ email problem, which is more concentrated "why so many bounce". Mainly because two points: (1) not all QQ accounts have activated their QQ mailbox; (2) the so-called QQ mailbox search, just search the QQ number, and then add a tail out of the number.

4. small, you can apply for more free Email account, the amount of advice to build or use third parties to send services. Free mailbox on the Internet, its function is definitely no worse than some of the virtual hosting sent enterprise mail. Gmail each account can send more than 300 mail a day, and other mail, such as Sina, QQ, one hundred or two hundred letters a day. If your amount is greater than this data, you can choose your own mail server. But what I want to say is that times are different, and the third party services are more cost-effective and professional, first because they are more professional, and two because they are cheap and often free. Such as foreign mailgun, sendgrid, Amazon >

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