Do stand confused later or insist

sometimes really confused, do not know what they are doing, do not know what is tired, do not know what the direction of the future, it seems that life is only left, do not know…

in search engine optimization on some accomplishments, but many facts tell me, when I really want to rely on this to make money when they become very useless, even passive. Once in the Admin5 read an article that SEO can be divided into 4 categories, one is to do a garbage station, a monthly income of 20 thousand, a group of people working in the enterprise, with half-dead wages, although every day on SEO, but not to earn money, perhaps, I belong to who.

before a few sites, had a brief brilliant, then disappeared, then try to do a normal station, updated every day, no matter how late to work every day, or update, up to now, traffic or less, a few days ago, open advertising background, suddenly found the traffic surge, new thought do the site is picking up, originally just a earlier station (, it is an irony, I spent a lot of effort but not what the site traffic, with a deep sigh,


did not know what the future holds, as do, we must stick to it, to have a chance, give up what has no chance! The sites mentioned above when Baidu update today has been down the right, also study the specific reasons for

wrote the article for the first time in Admin5 and did not write well.

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