Do a station to want to do specialization website

just two days before the interview Xiangxiang, our interview also released out, "with the Chinese web station: identify the starting point are important" than what gave me great inspiration, I think whether the station or business, the first thing to do is to find a right direction, the idea is very an important starting point, is very important in relation to our days after development and can not grow, so many predecessors have taught us to clear positioning, determine the direction, no harm to us only benefits.

Xiangxiang reacts to me got a lot of friends are encouraged, friends also gave many useful suggestions, so I am here to thank you, thought like this in the past, did not expect a lapse of two days, Chinese shop network to a big change, the whole page is out and out to come, reject the original garbage station form, let me find everything fresh and new, never is a garbage station looks like small rascal, unkempt, out of order words repeated typesetting, bloated, let a person look uncomfortable, now after revision, also give people fresh and comfortable feeling, but also increased the number of innovative elements. Xiangxiang innovation introduced a concept to the shops at the home show, fashion with a little word is "show", this idea let me shine at the moment, at this time Chinese online shopping network ( has been clear or dark, and its development direction and ideas tell you, is to become a professional online shop site.

then I immediately contacted Xiangxiang want to know what she thought, but due to lack of time, just talked for a while, it is said to be Chinese web friends online shop information, expert guidance, so to professional development. I can’t help thinking of an advertisement – – because of concentration, so professional.

most of the time we do or do other things without considering the factors, especially some so-called dumpster friends, they just want to do a web site, and then go to the propaganda, they tend to ignore the point is looking for the location, there is no serious planning their station, I seen so many websites, such as QQ, non mainstream pictures of stations, stations and so on, they have done very chaotic and complex, without a clear direction, that the site was built, to the forum website publicity publicity can since the flow of money, the idea is good, but their hearts hurry, neither plan nor location, not to mention what the professional development.

Li Xiang is our young people to learn from, because he had to do after the professional orientation was able to continue to grow, if at that time he began to put the business like to do, he can do today? Because he is when the first drop point from the start to he has accumulated experience and the ability to expand the day after. I think there are a lot of examples, not that they can’t go all the way. I don’t think anyone can do anything at the beginning

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