Local portals refinement and concentration are one of the secrets of success

brings up the local gateway, everyone will feel it is a big project, one or two people absolutely do not touch. Indeed, local doors are called portals because of the enormous amount of information. This was a few years ago, perhaps the absolute truth. But now, local gateways are beginning to refine.

one or two people or even a team, in a medium-sized city, it is difficult to start a collection of news, classification information, real estate, talent and other comprehensive local gateway. Because this place already exists, and even if they do not succeed, want to enter is also very difficult. At the same time comprehensive portal, content, wide area, the front is too long, care for this and lose that.

so it is the best way to operate local portals and follow the road of refinement. Needless to say. Because the network is developing, the demand of Internet users is more personalized and diversified. Even if you do something more successful, the portal may also be less prominent on a particular channel or aspect. Well, a good study and analysis of the needs of Internet users, you have the opportunity to come.

and concentrating on one thing and spending all your energy on one thing, things must be done well and at the same time satisfying.

, but it’s not like running a restaurant and doing business. Although you don’t have to invest today, you can return it tomorrow. But you have to come back at least every day to do business, and the local station may be spending money for a year or two. Then concentration must be indispensable. Attention is nothing more than to keep on keeping on, be of two minds.

in short, give yourself an understanding, do local professional station, is in the service of Internet users, meet Internet users, they will like. Internet users to serve, and naturally there will be businessmen to advertise, the site can naturally profit.

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