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many owners think that the video website is easy to maintenance, automatic acquisition updates every day can, in fact, now the video sites are mostly automatic acquisition of video resources, on the premise of excluding the domain name and website under the age of two, about the same time the station network station, will also have different results, some film and television station 10 months Baidu weight is 7 right, and some are still in the right 2, 3 right of way, during the difference? Today Xiaobian 7 degrees will come to share their views, of course or cast a brick to attract jade with friends, have a better suggestion messages can be discussed.

1, website content optimization

is also the two television stations, the same resources, domain name of the same age, the difference why the weight of Baidu, we all know that Baidu now pay more and more attention to the original content, imagine Baidu spider to your site take a stroll around the circle that are tens of thousands of content and network television stations as resources, repeated the content is not new, how can Baidu spider love, for example: a dish ten to twenty times you will have the appetite to eat? Of course not! In fact, Baidu spider versa! Then how can we change it? Here Xiaobian 7 degrees to give everyone a little skill, television station is a template class for example, category pages, content pages, pages are playing a template, change a template so you will have to change the collection of resources, such as the content page is introduced, we can Add some of their own language, such as film, starring in, mark, put them all finishing in a sentence, plus the introduction, if so, your pages will not plot and others do not like it! This is just a small example, you can by the method, use your imagination to change, so it was a change to others is not the same, and contains some of the original information television station, so that Baidu spiders will love, nature will come to you, Baidu snapshot will be updated quickly, increase the weight of sooner or later


2, dedicated visitor experience

content optimization in place, the original information, access to the user more, then another thing to mention Baidu for the website, that is the user experience degrees! What is the user experience? In fact it is a user stickiness level of it, such as a visit to IP in you more than a dozen sites and a IP page on the website to jump one or two pages difference, jump, stay a long time, your user stickiness is higher, Baidu will think your website more users love, it will give you the weight slightly higher, how do the user experience degrees. The first section:? Neat, clear, not too much advertising. Second: access speed, page response time is short. Third: it is best to add more message comments module is conducive to the interaction of AdSense and visitors!


3, the chain step by step,

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