5 points to note in reverse links

today, talk about the reverse links need to pay attention to 5 points, and I hope to help you:

1. backlinks don’t come from the bottom of the page, but should be in different parts of the page. It might be text, maybe site navigation, or maybe at the bottom.

2. do not add hundreds of reverse link in a short period of time, the rapid growth of this nature, is one of the important reasons for the website to enter the Sandbox sandbox, to gradually increase the reverse connection, natural growth.

3. connection, must connect healthy, positive and friendly web site, don’t connect rubbish, yellow site.

4. do not connect all connections to your home page, but should connect to your inner page,

5. exchange connection and friendship connection is still important, choose friendly sites, similar content, of course, the higher the PR value, good for connection, increase their weight.

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