Every industry should have its own saturation point

each industry should have its own saturation point. The saturation point would have to be a battle to the end, may not be the most powerful, but live the longest


as small and medium-sized webmaster speaking, many people are like some very competitive industry stand struggle. Take advantage of existing tools, such as the powerful CMS system / powerful collector. It keeps making web waste. The fastest that comes down to the end may be these people.

people have limited energy. With limited energy to win a saturated market, get in return is less effective. If you take limited energy to win the market has not yet formed, will be twice the result with half the effort.

early master circle big adjustment, died a batch of station. But anyway, clean out the station. I believe most of them are due to too much data and too much competition. If it were not within this saturated circle, the surface could be much less affected. Personal attention, you do the industry station has reached saturation?. Take a step if saturated, as boundless as the sea and sky, out, you may have a change in the direction of greater success. The world, no matter what the market, has a future. But we in a unfamiliar market, you may lose money, finally return to you may only have the flavor of failure.

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