Analysis of the successful operation of the four group buying websites

recently observed the group buying this market, and some of the operators of the group to buy exchanges, and found that many promotional methods are very practical, and now sort out, I hope to bring you some inspiration. I would like to apply these methods to other projects, too.

The first one:

concentrated thin Baidu know mining group purchase crowd


we all know that Baidu know the problems in Baidu ranking is good, how to use this? 1. chosen keywords, then Taobao to find people online to answer. For example: do buy shoes, then you can ask: where to buy shoes, and so on, and then answer their own group buying site (answer as far as possible using the site name, less web site link). You may be asked why don’t you find someone on behalf of operation? Because if it is easier to use a word by Baidu K account, and the account level is good, a lot of Taobao personnel on behalf of the hands of a large number of high-level Baidu know account.

condensed thin hair second strokes: reason to do Baidu promotion

many people are afraid of investment, I feel that spending money to do Baidu promotion is a money burning practice, in fact, otherwise. As long as the income is greater than the cost of advertising expenses, burn more money does not matter, after all, still earn. To do Baidu promotion is still very skilled, find some people buy frequently search keywords, filter out high unit price, you can change thinking, if you want to buy a commodity, how will search?. A friend of mine is the use of Baidu to promote the site to play out, every month on Baidu spent advertising fees, tens of thousands can also generate tens of thousands of income.

concentrated thin third measure: the use of local newspapers, radio stations, local forum propaganda

by a friend operation, found that the use of local newspapers, such as Ji’nan news, on the above to do a small ad, or write a soft text published in the press, the effect is good. There are probably places where very few people watch local news or magazines, but there are still some people who will see it and see what they can do to the people around them. For example: I had a buddy on behalf of their company to attend a local time, the activities in the local news network reported on the second day, his colleagues said: "Hu you on TV, or the news very cow!" when Hu quite puzzled, feeling could not understand that, with the whole thing. Then the news spread around the office.

condensed thin hair fourth recruit: campus big promotion, fame big increase

beauty is so promotion, look together! She found quickly put the winter, just use this opportunity to do promotion in the University, if the effect is good, these students will certainly give a holiday home after home, so spread down the effect is very good. Students online shopping crowd is quite large, the group buying publicity can produce good results. She was so popularized, grabbed the information about the exam in April, and then went to an exam

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