Case study what is the name change for well known websites

domain name is very important for Internet companies, the good domain name, not only convenient user access, easy to mouth, can play a multiplier role in marketing.

Internet Co’s change of domain name is a big event for the company. Replace the domain name for what purpose? I was summed up, there are several reasons: first, for the convenience of users, memory access; second, in order to meet the strategic needs of the company; third, both to meet the strategic needs of the company, and for the convenience of users, access memory. Let’s say three different cases by case.

facilitates user memory and access to

case 1: six rooms enable short domain name

August 6, 2007, the six room officially opened the new domain name, the domain name is very convenient for users to access the new post office business, the true saying "the most simple is the best". To this end, six rooms have paid millions of yuan.

case 2: Google opens short domain name

October 29, 2007, Google blackboard newspaper published a journal, said the official use of domain names. "It’s a short cut for Chinese users," said Google, China’s marketing department. "It’s one of the world’s shortest domains, too.".

Case 3:

Jiayuan to enable the new domain name

meets the company’s strategic needs

case: Rename everyone on campus, enable new domain name

August 24, 2009, thousand oak group campus net changes everybody network, and open brand-new domain name Thousand oak group this measure, fully demonstrated the campus network from school to outside school, from college students to everyone’s company strategy.

not only meets the company’s strategic needs, but also makes it easy for users to access

Case 1:

for network enable the new domain

November 19, 2009, Pooja network officially opened a new domain name, and the Logo website made changes to its products for neighbors, general map, Pooja, Pooja mailbox Logo Liao also made corresponding adjustments.


for network using "for" Chinese Pinyin as a new domain name, user memory and access is also in line with the user’s habits Chinese; P Plus a new Logo, "for" the word "Pu" is prominent, the world, the world of the user; "plus" is to increase and improve; the circle represents the sun, the symbol "Pooja" will be like the sun, the popularity of the world; the hands of all the people do reflect "for" life assistant mission, as well as the concept of the supremacy of users, public participation, sharing the benefit of the people.

for network operations involving people.

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