Details Baidu only included home page reasons

these days, my grassroots group, several friends asked me, my site has been included in the Baidu, but only included the home page, and has been a lot of days, did not include other pages,.

with my experience as a station, I think there may be several reasons:

1, when you stand on Baidu, you are not interested in the content of the station, there is not enough content.

two, if you have enough content already, then you have to keep frequency updates. Don’t be too much or too little,.

three, did you notice how much you have the stability of the chain?, Baidu know is the best place to publicity, but it is also full of mines, quite dangerous. Tell you to increase the chain and is the high quality of the chain. Every day to ADMIN5 published two articles of the original article, the connection which way to with your website. You go to domain, look at the number of reverse connection, many of which are ADMIN5.

four, may have enough time for a long time, if your website content is very good, feel very great, so, in general, not more than a month. (read the previous article said, Baidu is around) will put on your website content showing the catch.

in accordance with the above points it is actually Baidu every day to see you (which can be seen from the time of your page Baidu crawl), if the content is not the domain name space problem, wait, may soon put out the content of your website.

for new sites, the chain is very important, especially high quality of the chain, and write soft Wen, and is the best way.

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