From Bush sudden visit to raq by reporters threw shoes talk about network soft text marketing

US President Bush made a sudden visit to Iraq on 14 July, when Bush finished talking, an Iraqi reporter threw two shoes toward Bush, and Bush bent over the attack. As a big country of the president being throwing shoes in the history of the United States is unique, as to why the journalist threw the shoes, we do not comment, now let’s talk about how to use the Internet as a prominent event marketing, how to carry out the strategic resources and brand integration marketing.

Network marketing

Web2.0 era showed a trend of diversification, individual blog can also become the object of advertisers advertising, the strength of the text will be raised to a stage, from Xu daily click rate of 10 million to the network mouth Song Zude blog, there are tens of thousands of users do not know tired in the click browse, whenever there is what entertainment news on the Internet. Jude always let a person with Comrade Mengliao, be struck dumb. Understandable, they are all hype master, can die to say alive, also can live say dead. As an online marketing staff, I think we should go to the dregs, take the essence. Here are some of the shallow ideas that have come to mind when Bush was thrown from his shoes.

1. Dig out the sparkle behind the news.

at the end of June 2008, the number of Chinese Internet users reached 253 million, penetration rate reached 19.1%, for the first time more than the United States ranked first in the world. Network news use rate of 81.5%, users reached 206 million people, CNNIC pointed out that the first half of this year with a series of major news events of the network media is closely related to the performance of these events, allowing more users to query the relevant information through the Internet, the unique advantages of network media embodied most incisive. At present, the Internet has become the most influential and most potential mainstream media in the field of news and communication. Take the author as an example, once engaged in the operation in a travel electronic commerce company, usually pays attention to some traveling news. For example, when the director of the national tourism a visit to Taiwan, this is for many years, the supreme leader’s visit to Taiwan, then the open policy of mainland residents can go directly to the Taiwan tourism, the news seems to be a general news, but slightly edited form thematic sections, focuses on the analysis of news value, with the name of your website in the text after the submission, and the mainstream community, writing several large platform, traffic line every day to rise, a number of online media is successfully reproduced.

according to experience, a good marketing soft Wen, have to have the following conditions. Is there a good title, the title to novel, let a person see is full of temptation; two is gifted with an extraordinary retentive memory, the content must comply with the new, keeping up with the times, some people or the majority of people’s psychological needs; three to select at the appropriate time to do. 2008 is a news story emerge in an endless stream year, there are many remarkable news, the earthquake and the Olympic Games, Sanlu milk powder incident triggered a series of tainted milk powder, and then to the recent financial crisis triggered global layoffs. The entertainment is more "haoxiliantai". As a marketing person, I feel like…

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