Experimental report on network promotion using QQ

A few days before the

in the Internet to see a friend mentioned that the use of QQ network promotion method, my new station, because had to try out, the truth is not ideal, the maneuverability is not too strong, probably as follows:

1, use QQ to register some dating sites.

I have tried

network and Myspace.com. A net is to prohibit the use of QQ as the account number of the. So the trick is basically depressing. But OK, you can use a QQ mailbox. Because for some purpose, if you want to use QQ, this attracted attract popularity, really want to let many webmaster to male dress up, you join, you have to get a picture. Here in order to consider an unnecessary trouble, according to the former expert opinion is "PS". Ha-ha。 This is to say only one sentence "shisexingye." Stationmaster people are in this respect tall person, understand one meaning at a draught.

2, registered QQ, chat room promotion website

registered QQ. You have to let people know you, according to the current promotion of your QQ number, you only enter the QQ chat room. So, if you want to attract ideas, there is no other way, only to do two choices, one is beauty, and two is a big money identity. In these two cases, the beauty status is the most popular in the chat room. After all, the network chat room is now the wolf little more meat in. At the same time in the QQ answer and information, write your web site, people can not enter, it depends on your luck. You can only have a try. When you go into a chat room and say whatever you like, there will be a lot of wolves coming to you. I played MM for ten minutes, and as a result, N added me. Throw out a wave of words that make you passionate and then shoot the video, and at the end of the day, the computer is overwhelmed and the strike strikes me. So I restart my computer. QQ didn’t dare go to that temporary application,


but I’ve also counted it. In less than 10 minutes, these "wolf friends" contributed to 20IP. I just think the operability is not strong. Because users generally think that your site may be the virus web site, dare not open, you can see that those viral marketing means, how much damage to the Chinese network,


3 and QQ space promotion.

this, I think, is only for websites that only hang advertising code. If you through the QQ space code to link their own independent website traffic, I sink is not too ideal, I try to search GOOGLE my name in the QQ space, I wrote the text, no search, I do not know what reason is this.

here, I recommend to you a software, brush QQ space access, that is, the so-called step on each other. I haven’t studied it since I haven’t gotten a cold with QQ. QQ popularity, what are the important benefits of network promotion?. But I used this software today to brush my <

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