Feng Xin No Godfather storm Dick how to do

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] to $24 million, this is a total of three rounds of financing Feng Xin storm, tens of hundreds of millions of dollars in financing in the video industry, the digital xiunan in the mouth, Feng did not like Baidu and Tencent ‘Godfather’ flow. And "barbaric growth" storm video has done second of the daily active industry, three consecutive years of profit, and submitted a gem listing application.

Chinese video industry has a strange phenomenon, Tencent, Sohu video video, love Qiyi, PPTV and PPS video companies are claimed to be behind Youku industry "second", and every company is from the report of the interception of the long-drawn and tedious documents required, some refer to the total length. Some refer to the per capita length, some references are HD length etc..


storm video CEO Feng Xin (data map)

this time, Feng Xin quoted a number of daily coverage, according to iResearch IUT statistics show that the storm’s daily coverage of more than 3113.2 people daily, this ranking has been continuous for more than a month, second only to youku. In Feng seems, this data can reflect the real value of a product, it really reflects the user specifications, is within 24 hours of how many people are there in you, we called on the activity, this is the most important data."

whatever you called digital games, you worth mentioning, Feng Xin’s face was marked expression have plenty of reasons to explain. In the video, crazy money burning, financing hundreds of millions of dollars of industry, Feng Qijin so far only made three rounds of financing: 2006 $3 million, 2007 $6 million, 2008 $15 million. Baidu buys PPS video; Youku buys potatoes; Renren buys 56.com; Shanda buys cool 6…… To find the "Godfather" common practice and in many video enterprises, independent of the storm to survive, but also live well, has been profitable for 3 consecutive years, and submit the GEM Listing application.

"in the absence of money and no father, the storm can only be barbaric growth."." This is Feng Xin repeatedly to I dark horse stressed a word. How is the growth in the brutal storm No Godfather situation? It is how to deal with "two rich generation"? Is it the inspiration for entrepreneurs? The Autobiography of Feng Xin.

we are a nation of more than 600 people and hundreds of millions of dollars in revenues, compared with competitors, this is "grass root", such as Youku potatoes valuation of billions of dollars, probably $one billion valuation, Iqiyi is Baidu, Tencent and Sohu just get a video is not a problem. Looking at their father, we know it’s hard to get good rankings because we’re not an order of magnitude in manpower, material, and them.

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