Do website tired do forum more tired

on the network float N for a long time, watching others rich and varied website, secretly want to, if you have one day to have such a website with access to the Internet more good! More and more, know a lot of network celebrity. Let me explain, I’m not flattering anyone, but I personally think they do very well. The first thing that moved me was the Alibaba and his creator Ma Yun, who had a vague urge to know his story. Think about an English teacher, then coax cattle on eBay case, but it can rise up and beat him. It’s really impressive. Because of the love of the Internet, gradually know Admin5, im286, Chinaz and so on, their success has added to me the power to do my own station.

because of limited educational background, a lot of expertise is not very proficient, can only a little bit of groping, and now know that it is not so simple to do web site, not the problem can only be bubbling every day to search the forum. Listen to other people say that the forum is the most crowded place, large amount of information, sustainable development. So I opened a small station, Have done later to know, the original BBS webmaster is the most tired, because of the large amount of information to develop, need to update every day information. But also the original content, copy other people can not ah, search engines do not include you. Now is a word: tired, and quite tired,


one thing is for sure, if you can succeed, it will not turn to us to do, I believe that as long as the Kung Fu deep site dreams come true! Hope to have similar experiences of friends we talk with each other, the first time in this speech, the inadequacies please understand! I hope everyone can contribute to Chinese the Internet business


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