nternet Co rely on letters to do marriage services what is the matter behind

In the future world,

seems to have credit points to get good targets. Marriage and love networking site Lily network announced this week financing 1 billion 500 million yuan, plans to be listed in the country this year. As a pre – market preparation, Lily net introduced the "golden ants", "sesame Credit Points", to create a more reliable dating experience.

Lily network "sesame Credit Points" may be used, first of all you have to know that it is a personal credit rating, the higher the score, if more than 700, basically can be identified as tyrant. But the low score does not mean not reliable, after all, some behavior is difficult to be measured by data, tricky, can not be recorded. Curiosity daily conducted an experiment with a colleague whose score was 611, presumably at a good credit level.

what exactly does that score mean, it’s really hard to know. But look at the mechanism of sesame credit, and you’ll have some intuitive knowledge.

sesame credit contains five dimensions.

identity characteristics: including real name information, qualifications, school status and other

behavior preferences: including daily shopping consumption, utilities, coal payment, travel and other

personal connections: including the extent of contacts, friends, sesame, such as the level of

credit history: credit card payments, including credit records

performance capacity: including stable first source of income, personal assets such as

is an Internet Alibaba business transaction data and financial data of ant gold suit behind it, such as Taobao and Alipay records. Sesame credit and public security network and other public institutions to establish data cooperation, so it also covers credit card repayment, online shopping, transfer, financial, utilities, rent, rent, address, relocation history, social relations and other data.

it looks interesting because you can build your own credit system. Your reliable and unreliable behavior will be recorded, and you can use your credit to do some loans, car rental business, and even to Lily nets about the right object.

in early 1999, the people’s Bank of Chinese on the establishment of personal credit system, through banks and public sector data cooperation, wages, consumer behavior, credit cards, default records and real estate data to evaluate your personal credit rating. By the end of 2013, the people’s Bank of China had completed a rating of 600 million, of which 100 million had a credit record.

, although there are national competitors, Alibaba is still very keen to do it. Because banks have a large number of personal credit ratings, these data are not available to businesses such as the lily of the financing.

associated with the recent hot Internet banking, especially personal loans, there will be a lot of scenes in the future, the need for personal credit. However, the policy restrictions have made it impossible for companies to do personal credit reporting systems, and private credit reporting is very thin

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