Experience of public welfare of opera websites


07 years in August started planning, after several months of efforts, the Chinese drama network (www.xiqu8.com) network gradually in the lotus Chuzhan, PR3, Baidu included it on track. Maybe you would say, "it’s nothing, but I’m proud of the opera stand.". During this period, I have hung too much advertising on the home page, and then removed, anyway, no income, hang up, have nothing to do. There have been several ideological struggle, this opera station, if you want to profit, than the flow, than the effectiveness of the root is the loss of trading. During this period, some people wonder, you actually do opera stand? Yes, yes, if not interested in the opera, I’m afraid I already gave up. I’m not sure what motivated me to do it. I seem to devote all my energy beyond the work to the construction of opera stations.


1, abandon the profit model thinking troubled

opera station from user groups, there are certain limitations, it must exist difficult breakthrough in earnings, founded by individuals stand to profit opera that is more impossible, so we must abandon profit mode of thinking, into the entrance points of interest.

2, prerequisite for public welfare

Public welfare, drama station

first of all, there is no need to exist in what type of drama station; secondly, the degree of social concern, the drama in China now than in twentieth Century, has 50.60 years of glorious Street store and the opera video gradually reduced, while the opera website as the fourth media. Some people managed to win. Third, the government should strengthen the support of the drama website, and in fact support the opera to a certain extent.

3, take their own public road, let others profit go,

now, I still insist on doing my public opera stand, summed up a word to myself, is to take their own public road, let others profit go,


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