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in this world is full of all sorts of strange things, a lot of interesting things, here we take a look at some of the stories, I tell you these data in a perspective of what kind of problem.

in 2006, DIXONS, a leading British appliance retail chain, announced a move to abandon the traditional way of setting up shop in the city’s commercial street and switch to a fully online e-commerce model. DIXONS, one of Britain’s biggest home appliance vendors, has seen online home appliance vendors such as Dabs.com as "eyesore" and is now joining the ranks. Since 2004, the company has closed 106 retail outlets. The shift in DIXONS is said to have triggered a series of earthquakes in Britain’s retail sector".

, the online 20ltd.com in the UK in April 2, 2007, is a brand new and unique online store. Its characteristic is that at any point on the site there are only 20 different kinds of goods being sold, and these are limited editions, ranging in size from 3 to 40. Don’t think you can shop online for these unusual things, because all the goods are made exclusively for 20ltd.com and can’t be bought anywhere else. When a commodity sold, the website will add in from the upcoming 20 goods, so 20ltd website products often change, brand or designers are invited to participate in the product development by editing 20ltd, thereby ensuring the product originality and uniqueness. Although luxury is the packaging, the value of creativity is limitless. The limited edition and the story that the product is given is the soul of 20ltd.com. Why don’t creative people try?.

Zappos and his chief executive, Xie Jiahua, are seen as a legend in the online retail world. On the Internet, $3 billion worth of shoes sales market, Zappos website occupies 1/5 of the entire market share. And his sales strategy is simple: suitable for wear, inappropriate for change. Return inconvenience is one of the bottlenecks encountered in the development of online retail, because usually the consumers themselves bear non quality factors, such as size, not inconsistent with the expected return and other logistics costs generated by almost half of consumers give up cross regional online ordering. Zappos wasn’t the first online store to offer free returns, but Xie Jiahua made the service an advantage in the market. In Zappos, a customer can choose 20 pairs of shoes and even more, if only one pair, just click the "print customer refund prepaid label, the rest of the shoes can enjoy free return.

, America’s third biggest retailer, Sears is one of them. Sears partnered with IBM, the layout of the home appliances exhibition room in the "Second Life", the user can click to visit at the same time, the product of interest, you can enter the product in the silver.

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