B2B forest Theory why B2B is always a hard work

Abstract: the ecology of B2B is like cultivating a forest. It needs both trees to live well and to connect them." Wang Xiang said, "the forest to healthy growth, to moisten the soil, each tree has to be strong roots and pipeline smooth nutrition, between the trees to form a mutually beneficial relationship, eventually forming a good ecological system."

data show that in 2014, China’s B2B market transactions amounted to 8 trillion and 800 billion yuan, an increase of 23.6%; by 2016, China’s e-commerce B2B market transaction size is expected to reach 15 trillion and 200 billion, an increase of 32.8%. How far is B2B’s spring? What’s the difference between B2B and B2C? What are the tricks to operate B2B business platform?


vice president Wang Xiang believes that the golden age kilometer network B2B has arrived: "China B2B was started early, but has been in a" dormant ", a number of good at this stage, with the support of national policy, the rise of B2B in a day." Vice President Wang Xiang has worked in kilometer network, the focus of science and technology operations director, deputy general manager of Wing Lung Home Furnishing raffiner technology, COO.

1, the depth of the Internet to bring new opportunities B2B

Internet continues to deepen, high-performance servers and the popularity of big data applications, making the operation capabilities of the B2B platform has been greatly improved, laying the foundation for the rise of B2B hardware.

2, B2C, O2O take turns hot, consumer market demand soaring, forced B2B transformation

with B2C, O2O turns hot, consumer demand is fully ignited, explosive orders growth forced upstream enterprises to accelerate the process of electricity supplier transformation, to adapt to the fierce competition in the market environment.

3, electricity supplier integration is low, the development potential of

B2B started in China for up to more than 10 years, but due to lack of power in the early stage, many enterprises are still staying at the beginning of this century, which makes B2B have great potential for development.

4, integrated platform for the development of electronic business is slow, vertical business enterprises are rising

B2B biggest feature is high barriers to trade, the gap between the needs of the electricity supplier for each industry gap is large, comprehensive B2B platform is difficult to meet the needs of all enterprises, vertical B2B platform for development.

5, electricity supplier SaaS software force, domestic and foreign manufacturers layout B2B

domestic electricity supplier SaaS software development enterprises in recent years the eyes on the B2B field, have for the development of SaaS software such as B2B, Slack, Salesforce, Oracle abroad, kilometer network, Kingdee, nail home. These enterprises have developed enterprise SaaS software from different angles, providing software system support for the rise of B2B, and effectively promoting the B2B>

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