Eight possible reasons for the scarcity of blog comments

no matter what level the blog belongs to, bloggers expect the blog to get more reviews. When I first started blogging, the happiest moment was getting more feedback from users on what I wrote on my blog. More experienced bloggers do not only like the user’s comment, but also know the quality and quantity of the comment, which shows the influence of the article to a great extent. But sometimes you think your writing is very exciting, but there are very few reviews. It can’t help but hit you. You might even begin to doubt your writing skills, eliminate your self-confidence, and become more difficult next time you want to write something.

wants to make it clear to you that a small number of blog reviews does not mean that your article is poor. Here are eight possible reasons why your blog hasn’t been reviewed and how it works.

1, blog articles too long,

although it’s hard to say, long articles make fewer comments, but with all sorts of factors into consideration, usually, the longer the article, the more barriers to user comments. I wrote very long articles myself, and proved the rules again and again.

when writing a long article, you should remember two points: 1) most blog articles are short of 2) your readers are very busy, if they get used to reading articles about five hundred words of other blogs, go to your blog, in front of a three thousand word article estimated that they head. If they are by subscription to get your article, it may be marked as "your article have time to read", and then moved to a shorter articles, and if they don’t have the time you will forget to come back to see your article. About the length of the blog article, you can refer to this article.

some bloggers start with long articles, but they also make blogs flourish, but you know, if you use this writing style, you’re going against the big bang. It’s not a bad thing, but you know, when you publish a long article, you get a lot of criticism, probably without a short comment. Once the article is published, it’s best to leave it there for the time being. Then, see if you can write a long article and divide it into a series or separate articles. You can also try to change the style of the blog, so that short articles alternately appear.

2, you did not invite readers to comment on

sometimes your essay ends carelessly, and the reader is not sure if you really want to respond. Since they don’t know if you want to respond, they probably won’t comment. In addition, if you never respond to comments or do not respond frequently, readers will think you don’t value reviews. If it is a very famous blog, you can ignore this, because most people can understand that the famous blog has a large number of readers, and the blogger can not respond to every response.

at the end of an article, ask the reader about this

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