nternet interactive marketing is the magic weapon to win

according to iResearch iResearch relevant data show that in 2006 China’s network activities marketing market size of more than 6 billion 500 million, online advertising reached 4 billion 600 million, compared with 2005 to reach 48% growth. In addition, according to iResearch online advertising monitoring product iAdTracker show that in 2006 China’s brand advertisers reached more than 3800, compared with 2005 growth of 12%. In addition, the proportion of online advertising in the entire advertising market scale (including outdoor) is also growing.

network marketing to address the emerging online virtual market, understand and grasp the virtual market consumer characteristics and consumer behavior changes, data analysis and marketing to provide a reliable basis for enterprises to carry out marketing activities in the online virtual market. On the other hand, network marketing, online marketing activities to achieve business goals, and network with traditional channels and the media do not have unique characteristics: the free exchange of information, openness and equality, and exchange of information at very low cost, direct and efficient information exchange channels, online marketing activities, must change some the traditional marketing tools and methods.

"what we see is what other people see.". "No value," what other people do not see is what we see. "The magic weapon of winning," this sentence, let us know and colleagues in the network marketing differentiation of necessity and importance. The network brings great convenience for customers to compare the utility and value brought about by different enterprises’ products and services. In the network marketing environment which is becoming more and more obvious in individual consumption demand, it is the key to improve utility and value by innovating, creating and adapting the product features and service characteristics of customers’ individual demands. Special dedication in return for special returns. Innovation brings features. Not only does it mean something different, it also means extra value. In the process of planning network marketing plan, must understand the network marketing environment especially the basic customer demand and competitor trends, and strive to create in order to increase customer value and utility, is welcomed by the customers of the product characteristics and service characteristics. With the expansion of the influence of the Internet, network marketing has become the focus of network community, marketing industry, seeking in hardship, interactive network marketing instant communication method of the third generation network marketing tools on behalf of clients and other enterprises through the network interconnection, detonated network marketing industry changes. The essence of Web2.0 is to make your website interact with its users. This is the essence. All websites, our concerns are different. All of the sites are more of an enterprise website. What exactly do they need? They spend a lot of money on search engines. He wants more people to visit their websites. It is hoped that more of this website is an information publishing platform, more important is this website not only publish information to this site can also retain their visitors, and eventually become their target customers, this is the real site owners want to do.

from the website’s operation, we divide it into

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