How to use SEO protection electricity supplier brand words

is a self introduction, I SEO industry practitioners for more than 3 years, was a personal webmaster, did not go to work, simply relying on the SEO station, has been playing the black hat, feel at home all day, not out of communication, such as me, a few years after the estimate will be social ditch out. So, I started looking for a job, and soon in the now doing e-commerce company to do SEO optimization work, but also began to shift to the SEM industry.

this year to share a point, that is, the optimization of the electricity supplier SEO among the most important thing, the optimization of brand words.

every successful electricity supplier, will not rely on SEO to survive, I did not know before, but now this environment, depending on the SEO live electricity supplier, will not be a good electricity supplier. The electricity supplier, in addition to the soft hard wide wide, multimedia advertising, SEM advertising these are not small. SEO can only be auxiliary, combined with paid advertising, do all aspects of marketing strategy. Since it is a marketing strategy in all aspects, it is essential to build a brand of its own and form a reputation. And when you have your own brand, how do you protect your brand words, not for some competitors, fake fake second party to seize traffic? How can you deal with your brand negative when


, here’s my daily routine,


1. of the electricity supplier enterprises of goods under the carpet search, including single product, combination package, combination of name and function, the use of Baidu search promotion function, and the long tail keywords, some features and products, keyword combination, such as:? OK? XXX is not a liar really useful?? these users care about words, the long tail word, we call the question word. Negative news and potential purchasing power also come out of these words……

2. with these words as long tail words, writing professional targeted articles, pay attention to illustrations, if the ability to write soft point, then more convincing, at the same time, but also increase the conversion rate of sales.

3. published articles to well-known portals, such as Sina, NetEase, the industry’s well-known sites, there is a point that is included in the Baidu news. This is good news, your article will be displayed in the "Baidu" in the latest relevant information, there are a lot of products will use this word, however, only the latest, as far as I know, only 36 hours in over a certain period of time, it will not be displayed the.

4. optimize these articles links, the usual practice, of course, is to do the chain. One of these permissions we reach the station, so, only to start the chain. There are early articles of writing, this point, I believe that many editors SEO staff understand it, Baidu links to more sites, not included in the collection is also very normal. So the best way to do an article is to have a trace text link, and a dead link (called text link). The effect of this collection

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